About Us

“Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of love”
Ademola Mandela

Our brand is sassy, city chic, stylish and smart, sophisticated yet chilled, sexy but on trend.

Obsessed with service, comfort and good hosting, UrbanSass offers a stylish home-like space for smart, busy people who want to come and take a little time out for themselves.

Each one of our guests is uniquely beautiful and deserves a SERVICE that we would LOVE to receive ourselves. 

With a strong focus on quality and experience, UrbanSass is not “just another” hair salon. It is an exclusive hair boutique that understands that “it’s the little extra’s” that count – a proper cup of coffee, free WIFI, a relaxing head massage while you have your hair washed, a place for your laptop or charger for your iPhone. 

Our Big Sassy Vision

We welcome everyone into our salon.

Whether you’re bold and daring, conventional and conservative; male, female or other; black, white or emoji yellow; wear a hijab or a yarmulke; are a spring chicken or over the hill, we honestly don’t give a hoot. 

At the end of the day, we are all HUMAN. 

Our diversity and difference is EXACTLY what gives our boutique life and Sass.

From the moment you step into our salon, to the moment to step out, we aim to offer you an experience that’s a cut above, from head to toe, lashes to brows, Because we are more than a beauty service, we are providing confidence.

We invite you come share our vision:

To provide all our guests with a first class boutique service in a comfortable, relaxed and sassy urban space. 

The Sassy Values

> It’s all about the experience. But we never compromise on quality

> Be who you are always. We’ll add the sass.

> Have fun. Life’s serious enough.

> Be kind. It’s the greatest quality.

> We are a family. We don’t just say it.

> Honestly and Humility is key. But yes, we are damn good.

> We love what we do. And do what we love.

> We make a difference. And the difference is you. 

Our Sassy Salon