Newtrino DNA Conditioner 250ml


nDNA 8 Conditioner for Men is a rich, creamy replenishing and nourishing Sodium Chloride free conditioner and is identified by its thick white creamy consistency. The nDNA 8 Conditioner for Men is scientifically formulated to assist in regulating sebum production, and will further assist with scalp irregularities such as oily scalp and bacteria due to high levels of the signature ingredient; Green Tea extract.

nDNA 8 Conditioner for Men is a thick creamy consistency and must be evenly applied across the hair and scalp for optimum results. Gently remove excess moisture from your hair, decant a 20cm coin size onto dry hands, rub hands together to ensure product is evenly spread onto both hands. Apply the conditioner directly onto the scalp and hair. Gently comb with a soft wet brush, creating small circular motions across the scalp for a deep stimulating scalp experience. Rinse with cool filtered water.

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