In-Salon Pricing

Just a few T’s, C’s

(so it makes sense)

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We ensure our price list is fair. Why? Because we don’t believe in over charging, and want you to return for more. That said, please remember we ONLY use the BEST professional and reputable products. Should you prefer apples to pears we’re not judging. We’re just not prepared to compromise our quality of Sass.

All our stylist are professionals with a full 3-year stylist diploma. They’ve studied both the creative and the technical chemical aspects of hair colour and care, as well as all other courses and product studies they have to complete annually. They are professionals.

If we recommend a treatment after a colour service it is certainly not because we want to boost your invoice. It’s because genuinely care about maintaining the integrity of your hair. Please trust your stylist.

Our price list is a guideline. Consultations are free and we offer this service because it’s what a professional stylist should always do. Why? Because we need to physically see the texture and integrity of your hair, understand your home hair regime and hear your desires and concerns to ensure we provide you with the service you deserve.

We do not dye, tint highlight or bleach damaged hair. We are happy to try and restore the health of your hair, but the money for colouring and bleaching is honestly not worth our reputation.